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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quite Book

Hello everyone, this past weekend we went to God's own country - Kerala, it was the best.   The land with richest green natural beauty.  The land of backwaters and beaches. Its great fun to be with bunch of friends.  We played in river (bharathapuzha) and ate good home food.

 Before we went to Ottapalam, I made a Quite book to keep aryan busy in the train. This was our first train journey. I always wanted to sew a quite book for him, but never invested the time. It took much more time than I thought, I spend more than one week to make the complete book (8 pages). After aryan went to sleep,almost every night I used to sew.

I have been browsing online for quite book ideas.  I had lot of fun making it.

Isnt it super cute...


  1. Ofcourse it is cute! more than that, by far this tops your list of creativity :) Way to go Pupa!!!

  2. Wow...I had already expressed my appreciation in person! still..you are very creative...keep writing and creating!

  3. Thanks Sri and Rajani, I value your comments and love to hear more.

  4. Looks so fun! I have been really wanting to make a quiet book for a while now... and my reason for the delay... same as yours, time consuming~ Way to go!!!! Maybe someday I will have the time :)

  5. i like 2 much...............ths book awsome .haiiiiii


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