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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Family day!

The weather is so beautiful out here.  We spend weekend with our family.

Saturday was a quiet whirlwind. First half of the day I was busy with work packing &shipping out the orders.  Then we ahead to my mother's house for lunch and then we all went to park & spent little time.  It was already time for aryan's Karate class. So my son& husband rushed to class.  And in the evening we ahead to mother in law's house. It was my elder sister birthday, we had a little surprise party and family dinner.  By the time we reached home it was very late. What day it was! But we had a perfect ending to the long day.

On Sunday, we got up late.  I was still tired and my body was aching and wanted one more day to relax&recover. We went to my mother's lunch again. We planned to go out, it didn't work out.  Aryan was upset we got to explain it him - few terrible moments.  After some fun & giggling around with Aryan& Aashu, we called it early night and head to bed.

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