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Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Holiday to Calicut & Malaparamba

It's already November...Nice to start the month with refreshing memories.  Our recent trip to Kerala, Kozhikode was refreshing and definitely have a calming effect.  If you travel during October you will enjoy rain,sun and cold.  They can be described as majestic and beautiful.   
The first four days we spent at the Malaparamba father's place.  This time we were lucky to visit lots of temples nearby.  We were determined to see it all and in the end, we still felt like we had lots of exploring left to do.  Malaparamba is such a beautiful mountain area.  It rained off and on but felt nice cool during the day and chill in the night.

One of the things we did while in Malaparamba was hiking.  I'm so insanely proud of Aryan.  He hiked without a complaint, enjoyed every view and played with wonderful dirt.  He loved hiking,this help him to get his energy out. We loved it because we enjoy the nature and very refreshing from city life.

Aryan enjoyed his 7days trip at fullest.  All he did was hike, played with kids around and he used to drift off to sleep easily at night . He also did fishing, he was very happy he catched three fishes.  

Last few days we spend time with Aunty’s house in Kozhikode.  All our cousins from Hyderabad,Bangalore and Kerala joined us.   I’m a little sad, I was busy enjoying the good company I didn’t take snaps.


We're hoping to make it back not only next year, but to spend more time with rest of our families. I've really enjoyed sharing our holiday, it's refreshing my brain for this November.

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