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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our 11th wedding anniversary

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary!  It's gone really, really quickly.  Over these years I learned few things about marriage and being in love.  We drive each other crazy sometimes, but we can’t live without each other. 

I know that not all couples marry are this lucky.  I found my soul mate and I always thank God that we have been able to grow together and love each other even in hard times. 

Today, I’m a happy wife with an understanding husband and an adorable boy.

Few things secrets I learned during these 11years.

*We are two people with different personality.  But we learn to appreciate each others character and role in life.  

*My husband is 6years older than me.  He is older and wiser.  It works well between us.  He has strengths which I miss. 

*Totally accepting each other who we are and not asking to be someone else.  I knew sometimes I can be stupid, but I also knew he accept me as I’m.

*We have not always been perfect, but we respect each other.

*That is ok to be annoyed and to go to sleep angry.  Sometimes things just cannot to be resolved in one night.

*The secret to a happy marriage is the idea of how to get through the worst time together.

*Don’t miss to cherish every moment. You will be proud to look back one day how you got through together, even at the hard times.

*No matter what, care for each other and honor each other.

*Our child learns to the respect and love from us.  So be the model you desire your children have in a relationship.

*Life is hard with up and down, but never give up.

* Always thank &compliment each other for all the big and little you do for one another.

I am happy and so grateful that we have been able to appreciate the change we have both going through. 

Do you fight fair? I love to hear some tips for a happy marriage...


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