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Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer Break!

My computer got messed up, so I thought this is the right time to take a break.  Last two weeks were absolutely busy filled with fun with son's summer break, School annual day, Friend's daughters Baptism, Wedding, Friend's get-together and Summer cleaning.

My sister arranged a trip to Zoo.  Summer was hot, but kids had fun they were all excited to see the animals and had the energy to walk all the way. By afternoon we settle down; found a place surrounded by trees and then it was play-time (we carried ball, freebies, tenni-quoit and badminton).  By the end of the day we were all tired.  Here is my his son's new hair style.

School Annual day event was amazing with kid's programs, they stole the show. Each show was unique in its own way. I missed watching the show fully as I was running around the dressing room to change costume for my son.  My son performed a folk dance, Animal dance and story telling. I'm waiting for the DVD to watch the complete show; which the school promised.

I found my son enjoying going to Wedding party and Baptism.  He keeps himself quite entertained by making friends, playing around and grabbing his ice cream.

Finally flowers from my mom's garden.  Pink flower matching the wall and Lemony yellow rose. 


Sunday was perfect with special lunch at mom's place and friends coming home for dinner.  And my husband cooked Vegetable Biriyani for everyone(I forgot to take the photo). What more I can ask for a Perfect Sunday?  

How did you spent you Sunday?

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  1. The time you have taken to invest in preserving memories is priceless


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