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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oh dear! more and more fabric obsession.

I was updating the Fabric folder on FB for my client and I noticed the fabrics I have been stashing for a while.  Anyone who knows me well knows I'm obsessed with fabric. Last week when I went to buy fabric for a custom order; I promised myself not to pick more than one fabric until I use what I already have in my stash.  Well, I walked away with quite a collection of fabrics. Apparently I have no self control when it comes to fabric.  For me personally, the fabric world is an experience of texture and touch. I enjoy just looking at it...the color... the feel.  Whenever I find new fabric, I fall in love. I buy them at least a yard to keep for my client. 

Here is a peak at my lovely stack of fabrics. 

Now these fabrics are added to the Fabric folder and I will be soon updating the printed fabric as well.
Please come back to see the print fabric chart...


  1. wow,i am all giddy headed after the long run down on your fabric
    purchase..Everybody needs a retail therapy from time to time just to boost up and motivate us..Looking forward for your next update Daffy..

  2. Am coming to grab a few and get something stitched for me :) such vibrant colors!

  3. Hi Nykolett, thank you and i have updated the printed fabrics on my FB.

    Sri - sure dear, come home


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