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Saturday, October 27, 2012

My New look

After a fantastic holiday, my mind is jumbled with all happy memories and the things around me.   Behind all the beautiful time; the first thing I want to write about is my new hairstyle.  I have blogged earlier about my different hairstyle in Me and my hairstyle, this time I wanted to try something completely new and here I'm with my new look, with the medium layer cut. The whole salon experience was nice, thanks Prabi for recommending Baleattan.
The next morning, after a nice hair wash and shine conditioner my hair looks clean, soft and smooth.  I thought the conditioner weigh down the layer, but they look plenty of volume. I found layer hairstyle is a great choice and easy to maintenance, especially when you have a busy life to lead, leave your hair free without any proper styling.

Do you like my new hairstyle?


  1. This hairstyle looks really good on you. I have something similar only shorter. It's so easy to care for.

  2. Thank you Nancy, you are absolutely right - short,clean and easy


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