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Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm back and welcome to April

Welcome to April, I'm Finally back to blogging world.  Blogging is awesome, I'm glad I'm back.

For those of you didn't hear from me where I went or why?  We moved into new house, its a apartment with limited space. We are loving house, I'm  just waiting to share lot of projects for our new house.

My sewing studio is almost set up.  I'm back to my sewing desk  and finished with one custom order.

Love to hear from you about your new projects?


  1. congratulations on moving into your new home Daffy..may you find happiness and comfort in the new appartment.

  2. congrats.. and the pouches are very nice...

  3. Thank you Nykolett and Aruljothi. I'm very excited about the new house, color and arrangements..waiting to share photos.


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