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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Iphone pouch with pockets tutorial - Valentine gift

Just in time for valentine day; make a beautiful mobile case in 30 minutes!

 This is designed with pockets on either sides, so you can keep your credit cards, id cards or headphones.I used felt cloth liner to avoid scratchs. It is a easy and simple project.

Enjoy your tutorial!

All you need:
Fabric A
Fabric B
Felt Cloth
Fusible Interface


Pocket : 2 piece of Fabric A 1.25"x10"
               Fabric B 2.50"x 10"
               Fabric A 4"x10"
               Fusible Interface 3.75"x 9.50" 

Mobile case: Fabric 4"x11"
                    Felt cloth  4"x11"
Flap : 2 piece of Fabric A 2.5"x4.5"



Sew Fabric A 1.25"x10" on either side of the Fabric B 2.50"x 10" and press (Pic1)
Press fusible interface on the wrong side. (Pic2)
Place the right side together with Fabric A 4"x10" and sew both the short end.

Turn the right side out, top stitch both short end and press.
Sew the Velcro an inch away from the edge. 


Sew the opposite piece of Velcro an inch away from the edge of the Flap and then iron the fusible interface on the wrong side of the fabric.
Place the fabrics facing right side together and  sew around it leaving one end open, so you can turn inside out. Now top-stitch.

Main Mobile body:

 Sew the Flap to the main body fabric and make sure both pieces of Velcro fit. 

Place the pocket on the main body and sew both the long edges.
And topstitch across the center, this is designed for tight fit, so the items will not slip out.  

Fold the fabric facing right side together, sew both the raw edges and leave the flap side open.
Turn the right out.
Fold the felt cloth 4"x11" right side together and sew both the raw edges.
This is litte tricky. Push the felt liner into the mobile case.
Neatly fold the top both fabrics by 1/4" to the inside and pin.
Now sew around the edges.
Ta Da! your iphone pouch is ready along with pocket either side.


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  2. Very cute idea. Great tutorial and fabric choices. Stopping by from The Shady Porch link party. Cheers!

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  4. This is so cute!!! I really need one of these!!! thanks so much for linking up!!!

  5. This is a clear tutorial. I love the fabric you choosed.

  6. Fantastic, great tutorial thank you :)


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