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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Upcycled wallet

A customized wallet from upcycled Jean. I worked hard to design this unique wallet without the pattern for one of my customer. Im so excited to share my new wallet or great organizer. Very handy when you want to carry only your essentials.                            

This multi-compartment wallet designed to hold  picture ID,credit cards, bill, receipts, money, coins or key. The whole wallet is securely closes with a magnetic snap.

Everyone love a wallet , where you can carry everything including picture ID .  I fell in love with this gorgeous pattern and made more of them. There is a coin pocket secured with Velcro or zipper of your choice. 

Five credit card slots and each slot can hold two cards securely. 

There is also a pocket behind the credit card slot to keep important receipts or bill or really anything else you can think of.

And a large pocket to keep cash. 

        Fabric choice is also available.



  1. wowee daffy..they are gorgeous..i just admire people who can sew small wallets..looks tricky and demands patience during sewing isn't it..

  2. so true nykolett! it was tricky to figure out the process,thanks

  3. You make such beautiful things ! I have a sewing machine and I used to make bags in my University days. Maybe I will start a project soon !


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