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Friday, October 21, 2011

Diwali collection

It's been a busy week but excited one.  I'm attending a Diwali event in CEEBROS SHYAMALA GARDENS.  It is a residential community exhibition for Diwali.  Here is the sneak peek of my Diwali collections.

Wooden Handle wonders

Ayna Lovelies

Silky clutches

Kiddos bag
 Mobile pouch

So thankful to my family for last minute help.


  1. everything is soooo pretty Priya...I feel like buying all of em. Really :-))

    All the best for your mela..

  2. These are so pretty!! Loving the bright colors:) Do you make your own patterns?

  3. Happy Diwali Daffy dear...may you and your family have a wonderful time and don't forget to show off all the gooddie food serve on this auspicious days..

  4. beautiful bags and purses. I love how you combine the colors:)

  5. Hi daffy

    It was nice meeting you last weekend at Ceebros. You shop was very colourful and bright , Indeed there was a lot of positive energy.

  6. Thank you everyone..
    swaram: Anytime and anything let me know ur choice.
    fabriccreation:Well every pattern are designed and handmade by me.
    Chezvies:thanks for the lovely comment
    Lalitha Dilip : Nice meeting u as well. thanks for stopping by.


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