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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Custom order Fabric gifts

Happy Durga Pooja!  It's a festival time and I was busy working on customized order.

I had a call from Mala Bharath on Saturday referred by my friend Deepa.  She wanted aesthetic  gifts for Navarathri which had to be delivered by Monday morning. Yeah, I had only two nights to finish the nominal bulk order. It was hard press time for a big order, but the motivation was "Impossible itself say I'm possible".

Fabric trays

I was happy that she trusted my work.  We discussed color, style, price and promised to deliver on time.  I struggled and hardly slept to finish the order.  But it give me a rejuvenating feeling when customer was happy & satisfied to complete the transaction. I love that moment.


I enjoy creating custom order.  It is a special piece just made for the customer who trust and admire my work.  It's a bit of extra responsibility to make a special piece within a given time; but it is also a door to grow your business.  I consider it has a good opportunity to connect with people and other ideas.   When the transaction is completed, it's like someone recognizing and honoring me for my creativity, my time,and my energy pulled in.

 I'm working on few more orders this week and hope to share with u all soon. What projects have you been working on this month?? 


  1. Those are so pretty, Daffy! Love the colors and the liitle ribbon ties. You are working so hard!


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