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Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Craft show

I’m speechless about my first craft show experience.  The show was a great success.  I am so amazed at all the lovely people who supported me and who stopped by my stall.

First off, I have to thank By hand from the heart for giving me an opportunity to participate in this show.  I felt incredibly honored to be included with so many other amazing artisans/ designers/ NGO / entrepreneurs. Their creativity was truly inspiring and loved every moment interacting with them. I couldn't ask for anything more in terms of sheer amount of positive comments about the show and its success.

I'm not the best salesperson when I compare myself with my husband or my sister. I really enjoy as an online business person because it is easy to hide behind my computer screen. But surprisingly this craft show broke the ice and I enjoyed connecting with people.   I spoke about my products, how I design them from scratch and how I recycle fabric.  My recycle project drew special attention.  Everyone was really kind and appreciating.

The icing on the cake was a special visitor.  Janaki Sabesh (popular actress) stopped by my stall, she picked up a lovely cute zipper purse.  This pretty much made my day.

A sneak peek at people behind the success of the  show.
My lovely brother Gopakumar who designed the banner,flyer and business card. Everyone in the show complimented his designing skill.

My gorgeous friend Sripriya who helped me throughout the show -  inventory list, tagging,arranging the stall, packing lunch for show (believe me she is a very sweet lady & loyal friend)

My wonderful husband painted the logo and name on T shirt.  He also did the banner work. I love the combo of black and green which filled my stall. 

Last but not the least my family looked after my son and supported me in every possible way.

A Big thanks to all my friends and family.


  1. Am soo happy for you Daffy! And I really cant wait to my purse organiser!


  2. Very happy for you!! Beautiful set-up too! I love doing craft shows/farmers's markets. I've met some awesome people and it has really boosted my little fledgling business.

  3. Super start lady! Ur skills and hard work sure gonna take u to heights. Was a pleasure to work with u and glad I cld be of help:)

  4. Your stall looks incredible! I'm so happy it went well - and very excited to hear you had a celebrity customer. So much fun. I can see the huge amount of work that went into the event, so impressive. Congrats!

  5. I'm so glad your first craft show experience went well for you. Both you and your husband are very talented people.

  6. Thanks all! the craft show was great experience. will be coming up with tips so...


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