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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My first interview

I'm so thrilled to share with you all my first interview at " Of Pinks and Fairy Tales".   Its always little weird to blow your own trumpet, but I can't hold this news within myself.  I believe there are few little things in life more satisfying than those huge things.  I always been dreaming about these simple pleasures! 


If you have been reading my blog then I'm sure you know how my journey of blogging started and evolution of Daffysdream bag, pattern, shop etc. Truthfully, I would like to thank you all for making this happen. Special thanks to Janella for the interview.


Today I am introducing you to Daffy from Daffy's Dream. Daffy is one of the creative ladies who linked up to our blog hop a few weeks ago. Daffy comes to us from India.

[Janelle]: Hello Daffy! It's good to have you here with us today! And thanks so much for linking up to our blog hop. It's always great to meet talented people there. Please tell us about yourself and your country.

[Daffy]: Hi, my name is Priya. My blog name Daffysdream is derived from my nickname Daffy. My wonderful husband calls me Daffodil (short & sweet ‘Daffy’). I’m a mamma to one little adorable boy and a wife to very understanding husband.

My country INDIA is a beautiful country with a glorious heritage and rich custom. India being the largest democracy in the world with a civilization more than five thousand years old and boasts of multiple cultural origins. India is known for Unity in Diversity. Though we speak different languages, follow different cultures, customs and traditions yet we are all Indians. To live peacefully has been our motto and this motto has helped us to achieve independence.

I think it's sweet that your husband has a special nickname for you. And the way you described India to us tells me you are very proud of it. India seems like a good place to nurture one's creativity. I have seen several talented Indians like you online and you all make beautiful things. Can you tell us about the things you make and feature on your blog?

Well, my first love is designing and making handbags. But my creativity doesn’t stop in just one field. I believe creativity is a form of expression of your dreams, of your self. I love sewing, craft for kids, Do-it-yourself projects, jewel making, recycle and up cycling, refashioning... Basically, in a nutshell, my blog is everything what I’m into.

You have a lot going on in your blog! I've been there a few times and you do have a lot of cool stuff. What inspires your creations?

Sewing and crafting is in our blood and heritage. My husband, mother, grandmother, sisters, brother, aunt, uncle most of the people in our family sew and craft. I started my blog initially to record my own sewing and craft projects. I was surprised by positive response about my blog from friends and family. Now I find this blog as a great media to share my creativity. I love to share my work in tutorial so everyone can make.

And thank you for that! We all love us some good tutorials. I think that Penguin Backpack (top right photo) is so cute. Thanks for sharing the pattern and tutorial for that. So do you sell any of the items you make?

Yes! I sell my handmade handbag on my eBay store (Within India – domestic customers) and Etsy store (International customer).

How are your online stores doing?

I found my eBay local store is doing good sale. My Etsy store is yet to make any sale, which I'm confident will do soon.

That's good to hear that you are doing well locally. Can you share with us some mistakes you have made with your crafting and what lessons you have learned?

As I said earlier I started sewing when I was a little girl. I had made lot of mistake during the process of learning. I believe in appreciating the mistake what they are and learn lesson in a hard way. My great lesson would be to go for what your heart say; don’t be afraid of mistake. Mistakes are not an option. Your ideas are born from your mistake you make and lesson you learn during the process. Unless and until you try to make something, you never know what you can.

That's a great lesson to share with everyone, Daffy. I agree with you about mistakes and how we learn from them. At this point, how do you define success? And can you say that you have achieved it yet?

For me Success is a journey not a destination. I believe in these famous quotes by our Father of Nation - Mahatma Gandhi:

Your beliefs become your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your words.

Your words become your actions.

Your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your values.

Your values become your destiny.

The hard work I have put would never fail. At the end I’m confident it will be worth it. In my case, my value towards my family and friends are true. And the sacrifice I make by getting up early in the morning or sleeping late. At the end it is worth by making good sale and great blog.

I'm sure your views on success will inspire a lot of people. So what other dreams are there for Daffy's Dream?

Currently I’m working on few e-book sewing pattern which will be listed on Etsy store soon. I working on fine tuning my blog to look professional. I would love to have studio for my creative work and teach people to explore their creative side.

We all wish you well as you work towards making all those dreams into a reality! And thanks so much again for joining us here today, Daffy!



  1. i loved the interview and especially your quote from mahatma ghandi. you have such a colorful and interesting blog, glad I found it! :o)

  2. Congrats pupa! lovely response... Ways to go; this is just the Start, a lovely one :)

  3. Thanks Nykolett, Yaga and Sri...You guys made it all happen...

  4. hi...
    am a new follower of ur blog..
    read ur interview...
    quotes n ur response were really nice n gr8..
    congratz ...


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