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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snack pouch

It is was another great weekend with lot of fun but ended with a tragedy.   Sunday night I was getting down from the stair and next moment i remember was sitting on the stair can't move my leg.  Guess what, I fell down from the stair and sprained my ankle. Ankle got almost twisted and when I try to bend my ankle the sharp pain started off OMG...   Two days stuck at house without doing anything. My sweet husband help me with little work and gave my leg good oil massage.

Today feel better, and  I made up the lost time with a small and very thoughtful project.   I was think about it for long when we were on holiday, carry plastic bag for snack everywhere we go and no proper dustbin to throw.   On a average we use 365(a bag per day) plastic bags a year for storage, which will not biodegrade. Contaminating our earth, I am horrified about the thought!!!

 So this a great replacement for plastic bags can be used for snacks to beach,park,work or school.

 Isn't it an unique handmade gift?  Thinking to make one for all my friend to replace the plastic bag .


  1. This is great, I like the strong velcro fastener. They are extra pretty, too. Feel better!

  2. oi, hope u flg better now! didn't know illena vandu oru cheers adichirupome unnoda sprainku ;) But I LOVE this creation of yours...pls place my request in Queue :) u can train me too to make one - using simple needle/thread.

  3. Sure done Sri be ready with your needle/thread...ahaha


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