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Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

I'm really THANKFUL to all of you! I like and appreciate my customers so it feels good to be generous during the holidays. Here are the deals for Black Friday - Cyber Monday (Nov 27 - Nov 30). If you've been waiting to place the order, now is the time to do it! RUSH...


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Monday, November 23, 2015

1500th Sale on ETSY

I hit my 1500th sale in my Etsy shop last week! Thank you so much to the lovely people and for their wonderful support to reach my milestone.  I just can't wait to see what is ahead for 2016.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Holiday to Calicut & Malaparamba

It's already November...Nice to start the month with refreshing memories.  Our recent trip to Kerala, Kozhikode was refreshing and definitely have a calming effect.  If you travel during October you will enjoy rain,sun and cold.  They can be described as majestic and beautiful.   
The first four days we spent at the Malaparamba father's place.  This time we were lucky to visit lots of temples nearby.  We were determined to see it all and in the end, we still felt like we had lots of exploring left to do.  Malaparamba is such a beautiful mountain area.  It rained off and on but felt nice cool during the day and chill in the night.

One of the things we did while in Malaparamba was hiking.  I'm so insanely proud of Aryan.  He hiked without a complaint, enjoyed every view and played with wonderful dirt.  He loved hiking,this help him to get his energy out. We loved it because we enjoy the nature and very refreshing from city life.

Aryan enjoyed his 7days trip at fullest.  All he did was hike, played with kids around and he used to drift off to sleep easily at night . He also did fishing, he was very happy he catched three fishes.  

Last few days we spend time with Aunty’s house in Kozhikode.  All our cousins from Hyderabad,Bangalore and Kerala joined us.   I’m a little sad, I was busy enjoying the good company I didn’t take snaps.


We're hoping to make it back not only next year, but to spend more time with rest of our families. I've really enjoyed sharing our holiday, it's refreshing my brain for this November.

Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Friday!

My son has long weekend, his last semester exams on coming Wednesday. So here I’m taking a deep breath. I'm ready to spend this weekend relaxing with my family. 

Weekend Inspiration by great designers from Etsy.

How about you, how will you spend your weekend?

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Happy Weekend!

Feel like I blinked and a whole week goes by.   It’s the 2nd weekend of September.   August was a very successful month in my shop and  wholesale order.  Although I was juggling between professional and personal life -morning hectic, school activities, boy sick with a viral infection, homeworks&classworks......... I took a  break celebrating Onam festival and our wedding anniversary with family. 
Back in September... Here we're already 12 days into September.  I'm still kind of recovering from last month's schedule.  This weekend is going to be another busy one.  My son got his Semester exam on this coming Monday.  And I’m preparing as well... Mom’s duty call.   

Till Now...

Kite Flying: I know august is not a time of year for kite, but the wind was favorable to start out the kite high up the sky. We all got a chance to flying and had great fun.

Yellow Belt:  My son was awaiting for this function.  But when finally the day came, he was sick with a viral infection.   He couldn’t go to the ceremony, but his master gave the certificate with honors once he was back to the class. 

Clay competition:  Aryan love work with clay.  He got first prize for the Clay competition at DAV School. We might not realize, but this promotes kids’ creativity, imagination and problem solving skills(rolling, squeezing and forming). 
Pencil shading by my husband:  Beautiful picture of Krishna and Radha done by my husband. He is so good at his work.  I got this picture as a small forward photo, he fleshed out the photo to bigger dimension. Oh boy! I love those eyes.

Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our 11th wedding anniversary

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary!  It's gone really, really quickly.  Over these years I learned few things about marriage and being in love.  We drive each other crazy sometimes, but we can’t live without each other. 

I know that not all couples marry are this lucky.  I found my soul mate and I always thank God that we have been able to grow together and love each other even in hard times. 

Today, I’m a happy wife with an understanding husband and an adorable boy.

Few things secrets I learned during these 11years.

*We are two people with different personality.  But we learn to appreciate each others character and role in life.  

*My husband is 6years older than me.  He is older and wiser.  It works well between us.  He has strengths which I miss. 

*Totally accepting each other who we are and not asking to be someone else.  I knew sometimes I can be stupid, but I also knew he accept me as I’m.

*We have not always been perfect, but we respect each other.

*That is ok to be annoyed and to go to sleep angry.  Sometimes things just cannot to be resolved in one night.

*The secret to a happy marriage is the idea of how to get through the worst time together.

*Don’t miss to cherish every moment. You will be proud to look back one day how you got through together, even at the hard times.

*No matter what, care for each other and honor each other.

*Our child learns to the respect and love from us.  So be the model you desire your children have in a relationship.

*Life is hard with up and down, but never give up.

* Always thank &compliment each other for all the big and little you do for one another.

I am happy and so grateful that we have been able to appreciate the change we have both going through. 

Do you fight fair? I love to hear some tips for a happy marriage...