Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hi there! I'm back

After a long break, here's few peek of what I've been upto.  Although I love blogging more than twitter/facebook/pinterest etc with the increase in sales I have been ignoring my blog. Now I spend more time designing and creating new pattern.  I’m carefully handcrafting them one-at-a-time with special attention to each detail and function without compromising style.

Thanks for stopping by.  You can check out my shop for more.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

1000th Etsy Sale!!!

I have reason to celebrate. I reached 1000 sales in my Etsy shop on Friday (9th Jan). A huge "THANK YOU" to all everybody and more so my repeat customers for their wonderful support to reach my milestone.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in 2014 and cannot wait to see what is ahead for 2015.  I'm just so thrilled. Reaching 1000 sales feels significant.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hello 36!

I had an overwhelmingly wonderful day yesterday and it was my 36th birthday.  I'm grateful to God for my healthy life, lovely family and friends.  

I Love my thirties. Each year has gotten better and better than my 20's.  My venture in creative business started in my 30's and I learned much more about my responsibility and how to balance life & work and whole heartily accepting my limitations.

I've learned in my 36 years that happiness comes from loving yourself.  I've felt confident in my own skin, treat myself like a best friend and followed my intuition. 

Top ten things in my learned list.

*I'm capable of doing much more than I imagined.
*If I believe I can do it, I do it.  
*How to live vibrant and purposed life.
*My family is priceless.
*Money can't make me happy and the best investment is my family.
*To take care of myself.
*Keep going.  Everything comes to you at the perfect time.
*I am creative and innovative which I ignored in my past.
*I learned that honest and healthy relationships are the only ones worth having.
*Be grateful for this moment, it is all there is.

Over the years I discovered my strength and passion.  I'm grateful to god for this amazing journey that I'm blessed to be on.

Monday, December 15, 2014




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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Buy One and Get one Free Gift

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Happy Weekend!

We are so excited to announce our Pre-Holiday Sale for this month.  A better way to celebrate the holiday and a token of thanks. This way, you can have enough time to have your item shipped to you to give away for Christmas.

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I hope everyone will enjoy their lovely gift.

Happy Shopping.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our Onam in Kerala

Good to be back after short break; we arrived at home last weekend and there were plenty to catch up with shop orders, emails and unpacking. Now that all is under control I thought I shall share with you all how we spend our weekend trip.   We landed Kerala at 4am and ahead straight to aunt's house.  It was raining in the morning we soaked up the atmosphere before heading into the Onam celebration.....

After the morning rain the sky was clear blue.  Through the window the sun ray was beautiful lighting for pictures.
Brother and sister
 Then we a walk down the street to enjoy the nature 

Later in the evening we found really a beautiful beach near by. 

All in all the day was spend well.  Wishing you all a happy sunday!