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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jean Owly Backpack

Its been long time I did any recycling.  I love to show you what I did this week with my jean pant for my little hero.

Very cute Owly backpack.  When I made this bag I felt very bonding.  When I gave this bag to my son, he gave me a hug and said " I love you".  I felt very touching.

There is a story behind this backpack, other day i was telling my son " okay summer holiday is over and its time for you to get start with your school"
"so you should start packing your stuff in your Penguin backpack".
 My son told me " mama I need Owly bag to pack my things".
 My answer was immediately okay.

Have you heard about the Owly story by Mike Thaler?.  Its beautiful story about mother and son bonding by Mike Thaler.  During his bedtime I read him this story and he was very fond of Owly, so he wanted the have Owly bag for his own.

The story goes like this...

Owly started asking questions when he was two years old. He would sit all night with his mother under the stars.
"How many stars are in the sky?" he asked one night
"Many," answered his mother.
"How many?" asked Owly, looking up
His mother smiled. "Count them".
"One,two,three four..."
"One hundred and one,
  one hundred and two,
  one hundred and three,
  one hundred and four..."
Owly was still counting when the sun came up. "One thousand and one, two..."
How many stars in the sky?" asked his mother
"More than I can count ," said Owly, blinking.  And he tucked his head under his wing, and went to sleep.

 The next night Owly looked up at the sky again
"How high is the sky?" he asked his mother
"Very high," she said, looking up.
"How high?" asked Owly.
"Go and see," said his mother.
So Owly flew up into the sky. He flew high above his tree.  He flew to the clouds. He flapped his wings very hard.  He flew above the clouds.  But as high as he could fly, the sky was always highers.  In the morning when he landed on the tree, he was very tired.
"How high is the sky?" asked his mother.
"Higher than I can fly," said Owly, closing his eyes and falling asleep.

The next night Owly heard the sound of the waves in the ocean.
"How many waves are there in the ocean?" he asked his mother.
"Many waves," she answered.
"How many?" asked Owly.
"Go and count them," she replied.
So Owly flew to the shore.  He stood on the beach and counted the waves.  "One, two, three,four.."
But as many as he could count, many more followed.
"One thousand and one,two..."
And when the sun came up he saw that there was still an ocean full of waves. So, sleepily, he returned to his mother.
"How many waves are in the ocean?" she asked.
"More than I can count," answered Owly, closing his eyes.

 The next night owly asked his mother,
"How deep is the ocean?"
"Very deep," she answered.
"How deep?" asked Owly.
His mother looked out at the sky.
"Almost as deep as the sky is high,"she said.

Owly looked up. He sat there all night thinking about the sky, and the stars, and the waves, and the ocean, and all he had learned from his mother.
And as the sun came up he turned to her and said, " I love you."
"How much?" asked his mother.
"Very much," answered Owly.
"How much?" she asked.
Owly thought for a minute and the gave her a hug.
"I love you as much as the sky is high and the ocean is deep."
She put her wing around him and gave him a hug.
"Do you have any more hugs to give me?" asked Owly
"Many more." his mother hugged him again.
"How many more?" asked owly falling asleep.
"As many as there are waves in the ocean and stars in the sky."
And she did.

Isn't it a very nice story.  I love it when I read this for my son.  And he did as well.

Ok back to my jean Owly backpack,  hope you remember my Penguin backpack.  Owly is replica of the Penguin bag.  I found the picture on google, printed, enlarged to suit backpack.

Water bottle slot is additional to the pattern.

Hope you enjoyed the story and backpack!!!


  1. Owly is wonderful! You're the best mom.

  2. This is really nice work Priya! You are a very creative Mum and I am learning from you to make things for my little girls :)
    Kristine Holliday

  3. How lovely!! My Mum gave me an owl book (for children) for my birthday last year- I am 32 and love it from the bottom of my heart. Do you think I could pull off an owly backpack? It looks so gorgeous, I want one! Your little boy is lucky to have you x

  4. I enjoyed both the story and the back pack and I lovde the character owly. It was so cute.I very much liked the back pack design :)))

  5. Thanks everyone nice to read all your comments this means a lot to me...

  6. This is so fun! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I love your work!
    saludos desde argentina !!!

  8. This just melts my heart...how cute.thanks for sharing... I am going to get this book :)

  9. Such a great backpack and sweet Owly story!


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