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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

15 August Independence Day

Today my son had 66th India Independence celebration at his school.   I decided to dress him as Bhagat singh.  Bhagat singh is a freedom fighter for Indian Independence. The costume was simple, white shirt and black pant and a hat.  So I got the chance to sew his second shirt.  This time I made four pattern piece shirt compared to last time.  It was neat and crisp. 

For hat, I chopped off my husband’s old pant.  Draw and cut the pattern on the paper and sew.  It’s not so hard you see.....

The costume was ready last night; we played Bhagat singh dress rehearsal .   Arya loved his dress and very happy to wear them and introduce the character.  Today morning he got up early  and wore the dress.  When we reached school, he was all in tears.  I stayed there for sometime and promised to buy him jelly, candy after his school. 

Finally he gave me a big smile.


  1. Your son looks so cute. I bet it was a fun day for him.

  2. Cuty & smarty bhagat singh :) Good to get them on stage in these years to get off the stage fear. btw, the shirt looks superb! can't wait to start my classes with you... machine arrived :)

  3. I am featuring you this week on Dare to Share. The costumes and kids are adorable!


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